Member Resources

Meetings are open for all to attend. Please check the “Monthly Calendar” link above for meeting times and locations.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of the Prevention Co-Chair, Patient Care Co-Chair, Patient Consumer Representative, Prevention Consumer Representative, the Grantee, Lead Agency, and Chairpersons of active committees, task groups and joint initiatives.

The Executive Committee responsibilities include:

  1. Acting as a steering committee, delegating consortia committee responsibilities in order to ensure coordination and compliance with all administrative deadlines.
  2. Reviewing and approving plans, actions and recommendation of committees prior to ratification by the full Consortia.

Prevention Committee

The function of the Prevention Committee is to help prioritize HIV/AIDS prevention needs while collaborating with local and state agencies in order to find ways to help stop the spread of HIV in our area.

PR & Marketing Committee

The Membership/PR & Marketing committee reviews and approves the membership status of all members of the consortia as needed in order to ensure parity, inclusion and representation. The committee is also tasked with developing CFAP marketing and recruitment strategies, and conducting new member orientation.

Comprehensive Plan Committee

The Comprehensive Plan Committee develops and actively monitors the goals and objectives of the Area and State Comprehensive Plan.